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Shekshik Smajshastra
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Shekshik Smajshastra

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Shekshik Smajshastra

Rajendra Kumar Sharma Ramnath Sharma

Published by Atlantic Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd | Language - Hindi | Binding - Hard Bound

Average Rating (41 Customers)

` 695

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Book Summary of Shekshik Smajshastra

f'k{kk O;fDr dh vkUrfjd 'kfDr;ksa dks fodflr djus dh izf ;k gS tc fd lekt ekuo lEcU kksa dh ,d ifjorZu'khy vkSj tfVy O;oLFkk gSA lekt ds fodkl esa f'k{kk dk ;ksxnku egRoiw.kZ gSA f'k{kk lkekftd thou ds fofHkUu igyqvksa vkSj lkekftd lEcU kksa ds Lo:i dks izHkkfor djrh gSA bldh eg kk dks ;ku esa j[krs gq, gh leLr Hkkjrh; fo'ofo|ky;ksa ds ikB~; e esa 'kSf{kd lekt'kkL=k dks 'kkfey fd;k x;k gSA lHkh lekt'kkL=kh ;g ekurs gSa fd 'kSf{kd {ks=k esa lekt'kkL=kh; v ;;uksa dh O;kid laHkkouk;sa gSa vkSj fo|ky; lekt'kkL=kh; v ;;u ds fy, egRoiw.kZ iz;ksx'kkyk dk dk;Z dj ldrs gSaA
izLrqr iqLrd 'kSf{kd lekt'kkL=k f'k{kk ds lkekftd igyw ds fofHkUu r oksa ds Lo:i] egRo vkSj lkekU; fl¼kUrksa dks Li"V djus dh ,d liQy dksf'k'k gSA
izLrqr iqLrd fuEu N% [k.Mksa esa foHkkftr dh x;h gS%
izFke [k.M% fo"k;&izos'k
f'k{kk osQ vFkZ] iz fr] izdkj vkSj dk;Z_ f'k{kk osQ m s';_ HkkokRed ,drk vkSj f'k{kk_ vUrlk±L frd vocks/ vkSj f'k{kk_ jk"Vªh;rk vkSj f'k{kk_ vUrjkZ"Vªh;rk vkSj f'k{kk_ vkfFkZd o`f¼ osQ fy;s f'k{kkA
f}rh; [k.M% f'k{kk osQ izdkj
/kfeZd vkSj uSfrd f'k{kk_ lekt f'k{kk_ ek ;fed f'k{kk_ O;kolkf;d vkSj izkfof/d f'k{kk_ fof'k"V ckydksa dh f'k{kkA
r`rh; [k.M% f'k{kk osQ lk ku
f'k{kk osQ vkSipkfjd rFkk vukSipkfjd lk ku_ jkT; vkSj f'k{kk% ukxfjdrk osQ fy;s f'k{kk_ iztkrU=k vkSj f'k{kkA
prqFkZ [k.M% uohu izo`f k;ksa dk f'k{kk ij izHkko
f'k{kk esa oSKkfud izo`f k_ f'k{kk esa euksoSKkfud izo`f k_ f'k{kk esa lekt'kkL=kh; izo`f k_ f'k{kk esa lekgkjd izo`f kA
iape [k.M% f'k{kk osQ lekt'kkL=kh; vk kkj
'kSf{kd lekt'kkL=k_ Hkkjrh; lekt dh izo`f k vkSj izHkko_ f'k{kk esa O;fDr vkSj lekt_ f'k{kk vkSj lekt_ fo|ky; vkSj leqnk;_ ewY; vkSj f'k{kk_ lkekthdj.k vkSj f'k{kk_ laL fr vkSj f'k{kk_ lkekftd ifjorZu vkSj f'k{kk_ lkekftd fu;a=k.k vkSj f'k{kk_ vk kqfudhdj.k osQ fy;s f'k{kkA
vafre [k.M% f'k{kk osQ fl¼kUr
ikB~; e_ f'k{k.k osQ ekSfyd fl¼kUr vkSj izfof k;k¡_ LorU=krk vkSj vuq'kklu_ ewY;kadu vkSj ijh{kk_ v ;kidksa dh leL;k;saA
iqLrd dh Hkk"kk ;FkklaHko ljy j[kh xbZ gSA fo"k; ds foospu esa fo'ys"k.kkRed rFkk fooknkLin fo"k;ksa esa lok±x n`f"Vdks.k viuk;k x;k gSA Hkkjrh; fo'ofo|ky;ksa ds ikB~; e ds vuqlkj gh bl iqLrd dh jpuk dh xbZ gS vkSj fo'okl gS fd lekt'kkL=k ds v ;;u gsrq Nk=k bls vR;f kd mi;ksxh ik,¡xsA lekt'kkL=k esa #fp j[kus okys Hkh bls vo'; ilan djsaxsA


Book: Shekshik Smajshastra
Author: , ,
ISBN-13: 9788171566198
Product Code 9788171566198
Binding: Hard Bound
Publishing Date: 2006
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd
Number of Pages: 406
Language: Hindi

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