Paashchaatya Rajnaitik Chintan : Bentham Se Aaj Tak ( Vol. 2 )
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Paashchaatya Rajnaitik Chintan : Bentham Se Aaj Tak ( Vol. 2 )

Product Specifications
Book Description
BOOK SUMMARY OF PAASHCHAATYA RAJNAITIK CHINTAN : BENTHAM SE AAJ TAK ( VOL. 2 ) izLrqr iqLrd Hkkjrh; fo'ofo|ky;ksa esa ,e- ,- (jkt'kkL=k) esa jktuSfrd fpUru iz'u i=k osQ ikB~;Øekuqlkj fy[kh xbZ gSA iqLrd dh fo"k; lkexzh izkekf.kd ,oa ewy xzUFkksa ls ,df=kr dh xbZ gSA lc dgha fgUnh vuqokn osQ lkFk ewy dFku vaxzsth esa Hkh fn;s x, gSa ftlls izkekf.kdrk cuh jgsA fo"k; osQ foospu esa lc dgha lok±x n`f"Vdks.k viuk;k x;k gS ftlesa fodkl osQ lHkh i{kksa ij è;ku nsdj mls ,d iw.kZ osQ :i esa ns[kus dk iz;kl fd;k tkrk gSA izR;sd vè;k; osQ vUr esa fo'ofo|ky;ksa dh ijh{kkvksa esa
Book Specifications
ISBN-13 9788171567171
Language Hindi
Binding Hard Bound
Publisher Atlantic Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd
Publishing Date 2001
Total Pages 430