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Object Oriented Programming In C++ W/Cd
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Object Oriented Programming In C++ W/Cd

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Object Oriented Programming In C++ W/Cd

Rajesh K Shukla

Published by Wiley India Pvt.Ltd | Language - English | Binding - Paper Back

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About the Book: Object- Oriented Programming In C++

This book offers solid, effective and easy to understand approach to the study of fundamental Object Oriented Programming. The book is a boon for general readers, C++ Professionals, and students from both graduate and postgraduate courses in computer engineering, who are inquisitive to explore each and every aspect of OOPS and C++. It renders expansive information about a wide array of topics like C++, arrays, structures, unions, bit fields, functions, pointers, template, exception handling, file handling and graphics with numerous examples. The text comprises fourteen chapters and each chapter is further divided into modules of major topics. Each module has a uniform structured presentation starting with learning objective, declaration, implementation, example programs, operations, and types, summary, multiple choice sections, programming assignments, review questions followed by the solution of the programming assignments.

About The Author:

Professor Rajesh K. Shukla is an Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal. He is BE and M Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha and is currently pursuing his doctorate. His area of research includes data mining, web mining, speech recognition and artificial neural networks. He has been actively teaching concepts like OOPS, C++, TOC, DBMS Data Structures, Neural Network and Compiler Design for the past nine years. Professor Shukla has also organized many National level workshops on technical subjects like Oracle, Linux, Mobile Computing, ANN and Support Vector Machines and a staff development program related to his subject. He is associated with different universities as a guest faculty, as a counselor, as an Examiner and for other academic assignments. Additionally, he has presented many papers in national and international conferences.

Professor Shukla is a Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Computer Society of India (CSI), The Indian Science Congress Association and a member of ACM and International association of Engineers.


Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
1.1Procedure-Oriented Programming Concepts
1.2Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
1.3Characteristics or Features of OOPs
1.4Modeling Real-World Objects
1.5 Types of Objects
1.6 Kinds of Relationships
1.7Class and Object Diagrams
1.8The Object-Based and Object-Oriented Languages
1.9Advantages and Disadvantages of OOPs

Chapter 2: Basics of C++
2.1Similarities in C and C++
2.2Differences between C and C++
2.3Basics of C++
2.4Data Types
2.5Type Conversion
2.7Literals or Constants
2.9Comments in C++
2.10Structure of C++ Program
2.11Statements in C++
2.12Iteration or Looping Statements
2.13Breaking Control Statements

Chapter 3: Functions
3.1Declaration of a Function
3.2Parameter Passing Mechanism
3.3Types of Functions
3.4Scope Rules
3.5Storage Class
3.6Advantages of Functions

Chapter 4: Arrays
4.1Defining an Array
4.2Types of Arrays
4.3Arrays and Functions

Chapter 5: Structure, Union and Bit Fields

5.1Declaration of a Structure
5.2Accessing the Structure Element (The Dot Operator)
5.3Initialization of a Structure
5.4Array within Structure
5.6Bit Fields

Chapter 6: Pointers
6.1Declaration of a Pointer
6.2Initializing Pointers
6.3Pointer Arithmetic
6.4Pointers and Single-Dimensional Arrays
6.5Pointers and Two-Dimensional Arrays
6.6Pointers and Multidimensional Arrays
6.7Arrays of Pointers
6.8 Pointers and Strings
6.9Pointers and Structures
6.10Pointers and Functions
6.11Pointers to Pointers
6.12Dynamic Memory Management
6.13Constant Pointers

Chapter 7: Classes and Objects
7.1Declaration of a Class
7.2Defining the Member Functions
7.3Creating the Objects
7.4Class and Arrays
7.5Objects and Functions
7.6Friend Functions
7.7Pointers and Objects

Chapter 8: Constructors and Destructors

8.1Structure of a Constructor
8.2Types of Constructors

Chapter 9: Inheritance
9.1Structure of Inheritance
9.2Types of Derivation
9.3Importance of Inheritance
9.4Types of Base Class
9.5Types of Inheritance
9.5Virtual Base Class
9.6Constructor Invocation in Inheritance
9.7Parameterized Constructor Invocation in Inheritance
9.8Destructor under Inheritance
9.9Container Class
Chapter 10: Polymorphism
10.1Types of Polymorphism
10.2Compile-Time Polymorphism
10.3Run-Time Polymorphism
10.4Virtual Destructor
Chapter 11: Template and Exception Handling
11.1Declaration of a Function Template
11.2Declaration of a Class Template
11.3Exception Handling
11.4try, catch and throw
11.5Exception Generated by the Function
11.6Multiple Catch Blocks
11.7Single Catch Block for All Exceptions
11.8Restrict the Exceptions
Chapter 12: File Organization
12.2Basic Operations with Files
12.3Binary Files
12.4Random Access Files
12.5Error Handling in Files
12.6File Pointers and Random Access
Chapter 13: Turbo Graphics
13.1Library Functions of the Text Mode
13.2Library Functions of the Graphics Mode
13.3Library Functions for Drawing an Object
13.4Library Functions for Text, Style and Color Selection
13.5Library Functions for View Port
13.6Library Functions used for Animation and Sound
Chapter 14: Preprocessor Directives and I/O
14.1C++ Stream
14.2Preprocessor Directives
14.3Header files
14.5Unformatted I/O Functions
14.6Character Testing and Conversion Functions
14.7String Manipulation Function

Key Terms
Multiple-Choice Questions
State whether True or False
Review Questions
Programming Assignments
Solutions of Programming Assignments

Special Features:

General Readers
·Students pertaining to B.E., MCA, PGDCA, and MSc degree courses of most Indian universities and training institute offering OOPS and C++
·C++ professionals


Book: Object Oriented Programming In C++ W/Cd
ISBN-13: 9788126516582
Product Code EBK0217778
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Date: 2013
Publisher: Wiley India Pvt.Ltd
Language: English

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