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Effective Software Testing 50 Specific Ways To Improve Your Testing
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Effective Software Testing 50 Specific Ways To Improve Your Testing

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The knowledge of whatconstitutes a successful, end-to-end software testing effort istypically gained through experience. In this new book, notedtesting expert Elfriede Dustin imparts the best of her collectedwisdom. She presents fifty specific tips for a better testingprogram. These fifty tips are divided into ten sections, andpresented so as to mirror the chronology of a software project.Using this book as a guide and reference, quality assuranceprofessionals will be better able to insure the quality of theirnext application. While testing has historically been viewed as anafterthought in the grand scheme of software engineering, thesuccess of an application, and possibly an organization, can reston the shoulders of the testing team. Thats because the testingprogram functions as the final "quality gate" for an application.Testing allows or denies the transition of an application into themarket. There are a multitude of seemingly minor tasks that must beperformed and managed by the testing team.
For Sale in Indiansubcontinent only

  • Ready access to the expertise and advice of one of the worlds foremost software quality and testing authorities.
  • Fifty specific software testing points that can be directly applied by software professionals to improve their products.
  • Easily digestible lessons for software testers, gleaned from the authors years of valuable experience.
  • Helps testers avoid making costly mistakes and oversights that can delay--or even derail--a project.
  • Timely! With the advent of agile methodologies, testing is becoming the responsibility of more and more team members.

  1. Requirements Phase
    1. Involve Testers from the Beginning.
    2. Verify the Requirements.
    3. Design Test Procedures as Soon as Requirements Are Available.
    4. Ensure That Requirement Changes Are Communicated.
    5. Beware of Developing and Testing Based on an Existing System.
  2. Test Planning
    1. Understand the Task at Hand and the Related Testing Goal.
    2. Consider the Risks.
    3. Base Testing Efforts on a Prioritized Feature Schedule.
    4. Keep Software Issues in Mind.
    5. Acquire Effective Test Data.
    6. Plan for the Test Environment.
    7. Estimate Test Preparation and Execution.
  3. The Testing Team
    1. Define the Roles and Responsibilities.
    2. Require a Mixture of Testing Skills, Subject Matter Expertise, and Experience.
    3. Evaluate the Testers Effectiveness.
  4. The System Architecture
    1. Understand the Architecture and Underlying Components.
    2. Verify That the System Supports Testability.
    3. Use Logging to Increase System Testability.
    4. Verify That the System Supports Debug vs. Release Execution Modes.
  5. Test Design And Documentation
    1. Divide and Conquer.
    2. Mandate the Use of a Test Procedure Template, and Other Test Design Standards.
    3. Derive Effective Test Cases from Requirements.
    4. Treat Test Procedures as "Living" Documents.
    5. Use System Design and Prototypes.
    6. Use Proven Testing Techniques When Designing Test Case Scenarios.
    7. Avoid Constraints and Detailed Data Elements in Test Procedures.
    8. Apply Exploratory Testing.
  6. Unit Testing
    1. Structure the Development Approach to Support Effective Unit Testing.
    2. Develop Unit Tests in Parallel or before the Implementation.
    3. Make Unit Test Execution Part of the Build Process.
  7. Automated Testing Tools
    1. Be Aware of the Different Types of Testing Support Tools.
    2. Consider Building a Tool Instead of Buying One.
    3. Be Aware of the Impact of Automated Tools on the Testing Effort.
    4. Focus on the Needs of Your Organization.
    5. Test the Tools on an Application Prototype.
  8. Automated Testing?Selected Best Practices
    1. Do Not Rely Solely on Capture/Playback.
    2. Develop a Test Harness When Necessary.
    3. Use Proven Test Script Development Techniques.
    4. Automate Regression Tests Whenever Possible.
    5. Implement Automated Builds and Smoke-Tests.
  9. Nonfunctional Testing
    1. Do Not Make Nonfunctional Testing an Afterthought.
    2. Conduct Performance Testing with Production Sized Databases.
    3. Tailor Usability Tests to the Intended Audience.
    4. Consider All Aspects of Security, for Specific Requirements and System-Wide.
    5. Investigate the Systems Implementation to Plan for Concurrency Tests.
    6. Setup an Efficient Environment for Compatibility Testing.
  10. Managing The Test Execution
    1. Clearly Define the Beginning and the End of the Test Execution Cycle.
    2. Isolate the Test Environment from the Development Environment.
    3. Implement a Defect Tracking Life-Cycle.
    4. Track the Execution of the Test Program.

    Elfriede Dustin is the QA/Testing Director at BNA Software and is author of Automated Software Testing (Addison-Wesley, 1999), the first book to address this critical topic and the book Quality Web Systems (AW, 2001). An acknowledged expert and Software Quality Assurance certified test engineer, she has worked on automated test tool rollouts for numerous companies and projects. She is also president of the Washington, D.C. area Rational Testing User Group. She has been invited to be keynote speakers for a number of quality assurance and testing conferences across the world.


Book: Effective Software Testing 50 Specific Ways To Improve Your Testing
ISBN-13: 9788177585438
Product Code EBK0097370
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Date: 2014
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Language: English

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