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You & Your Blood Pressure
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You & Your Blood Pressure

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You & Your Blood Pressure

Atul Luthra

Published by Cbs Publishers & Distributors | Language - English | Binding - Paper Back

Average Rating (279 Customers)

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Preface To Second Edition

1. What Is Blood Pressure?

* The Heart * The Blood Vessels * The

Blood Pressure

2. What Is High Blood Pressure?

3. What Is Low Blood Pressure?

* Causes Of Hypotension * Severe

Hypotension Or Shock * Nutritional Hypotension * Postural Hypotension

4. Hypertension : Some Definitions And Facts

* Hypertension * Mild Hypertension *

Accelerated Hypertension * Borderline Hypertension * Systolic Hypertension *

Pseudo-Hypertension * Case 1 * White-Coat Hypertension * Case 2

5. Why Does Hypertension Occur?

* The Excretory System * The R-A-A System

* The Nervous System * The Blood Vessel Changes * Hypertension - Primary

Versus Secondary

6. How Is Hypertension Detected?

* Case 3 * Case 4 *

7. Why Is Hypertension A Silent Killer?

8. Recording The Blood Pressure

* The Instrument * The Technique * The

Fallacies * Poor Patient Preparation * Imperfect Technique * Faulty Instrument *

Which Arm - Right Or Left * Arm Or Thigh? * Sitting Or Lying * Single Or

Multiple Readings * Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement

9. Risk Factors For Hypertension

* Age Above Forty * Male Sex * Obesity *

Case 5 * Smoking * Diabetes * High Blood Fats * Family History * Physical

Inactivity * High Stress Levels * The Malady * Possible Soothers

10. Investigations In Hypertension

* Medical History * Drug Treatment

History * Risk Factor Assessment * Symptoms Of Hypertension * Pointers Towards

Secondary Hypertension * Evidence Of Atherosclerosis * Physical Examination *

Laboratory Investigations * Routine Investigations * Special Investigations *

Case 6

11. Non-Drug Management Of Hypertension

* Sodium Restriction * Potassium

Supplementation * High Fibre Diet * Avoidance Of Alcohol * Quitting Of Smoking *

How To Quit Smoking * Cutting Down Caffeine * Restriction Of Dietary Fat *

Behavioral Modification * Mental Relaxation * Meditation * Tranquillisers And

Stimulants * Physical Exercise * Benefits Of Exercise * Case 7 * Excuses Against

Exercise * How To Exercise * How To Exercise Safely * Fitness Today * Sex And BP

- Myths And Facts

12. Drug Treatment Of Hypertension : Myths And Facts

* Take Drugs As Prescribed * Why Take

Drugs * How To Take Drugs * What Do Drugs Do? * What If Side-Effects Do Occur? *

Drugs(s) For How Long? * Know Your Medicines * Avoid Self-Medication * Make The

Best Of Your Consultation * Case 8

13. Common Drugs For Hypertension

* Diuretics * Beta-Blockers * Calcium

Blockers * ACE Inhibitors * Direct Vasodilators * Centrally Acting Drugs * In

Conclusion * The Rule Of Halves

14. Relaxation For Relieving Stress

* Stretching * Head Rotations * Shoulder

Shrugs * Twists * Resting Positions * Back Stretch (Cobra Pose) * Leg Lift-One

(Half Locust Pose) * Leg Lift - Two (Full Locust Pose) * Forward Stretch-One

(Head-To-Knee Pose) * Forward Stretch-Two (Forward Bending Pose) * Shoulder

Stand * Chest Extension (Fish Pose) * Half Spinal Twist * Forward Stretch-Three

(Yogic Seal) * The Twelve-Part Movement (Sun Salutation) * Office

Stretches * Progressive Deep Relaxation * Breathing Techniques * Abdominal

Breathing * Deep Breathing * Bellows Breathing * Alternative-Nostril Breathing

15. Meditation For The Peaceful Mind

* Meditation * First Step Meditation Is Paying Attention * Meditation Keeps

Us In The Present Tense * The Present Moment Is Peaceful * The Present Moment Is Productive * The Present Moment

Is Joyful *

The Present Movement Is Sensual * The Present Moment Is Liberating

16. Food For "Hearty" Thought

* Appetizers * Soups * Salad * Vegetables

* Fish * Chicken * Desserts


* Weight Reducing Diet * Diabetic Diet *

Food Values Of Portions Commonly Used * Caloric Value Of Hard And Soft Drinks


You And Your Blood Pressure provides an impressive account of nearly

all that concerns high blood pressure as relevant to the health-conscious reader

and the hypertensive patient. The initial chapters deal with the basics as to

what is blood pressure, when is blood pressure labeled as high and low, and the

various grades and forms of blood pressure (both hypertension and hypotension).

This is followed by a discussion on the risk factors for developing

hypertension, mechanisms of rise in blood pressure, and the consequences of high

blood pressure on various target organs of the body. In the book the author has

discussed at length profiles of antihypertensive drugs and the myths and facts

regarding medical treatment of hypertension. He has also given a masterly

description of the various relaxation exercises and forms of meditation which

are extremely helpful in keeping the blood pressure under control. The diet

charts and heart-friendly recipes provided at the end make a useful reading.


edition includes live cases which should be of deep interest to the common



Book: You & Your Blood Pressure
ISBN-13: 9788123908489
Product Code EBK0090448
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Date: 2003
Publisher: Cbs Publishers & Distributors
Language: English

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